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Rubber Disc Return Idler

9000 Series Rubber Disc Return Range

DRC offer a complete range of Rubber Disc Return Rollers that covers all of the standard belt width sizes used in the industry. The configuration of the quantity and position of both the end profile discs and load carrying discs is governed by the belt width length of the roller, to offer a uniform distribution of all the impact units across the length of the roller. Both the end profile disc and load carrying disc in all sizes are available in both FRAS and natural rubber.

Rubber Disc Return + Brackets

DRC Steel Return Idlers are a commonly used roller style installed on many large material bulk handling conveyor systems. These conveyor systems are utilised throughout a diverse range of different and unique Australian industry sectors and are required to be supported with quality spare parts and components allowing them to nominally be run on a continuous basis . One of the most common applications for this style of roller is for the structural support of the belt on the underside run on the conveyor frame.